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Behind the Scenes of Painting “Satellite View”

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“Satellite View” in particular started the moment I saw a friend’s Facebook post from which was a satellite picture of the Everglades National Park as shown below…. I was immediately inspired to turn the image into one my textured and abstract art pieces.

Everglades National Park picture from Wired Magazine

Now when I paint, I always infuse them with a focused intention and this one was infused with the intention of ROMANCE and LOVE. Yes, it’s true that one of the reasons I was putting this intention in was personally for me to manifest romance and love into my life as I was single, and recently divorced.

surrender to the romance

As you can see above, with the the painting shown upside down, the image of this person now appears to have their arms wide open and behind them in the form of surrendering!!! We can want and wish for so many things, such as romance and love, but often it isn’t until we completely let go, that they will arrive.

Art is so much more than just a pretty picture, we can be inspired on multiple levels and even find lessons as I did here. Enjoy!!

Funny enough, of course once my work was complete, all I could see was the outline of a body laying in the grass with someone bending down to kiss their forehead. How perfect!

Little did I know, though, this piece had a lesson in store for me… It was entered into an art show, and they ended up hanging the piece upside down. At first I was frazzled by this, as to me, it was completely obvious which way to hang it. As I stood staring into the piece, all of a sudden I had a feeling of surrender and letting go which was opening up a new space for me.

PS… this piece is available for sale.

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